Diocese of Evansville
Formation for Youth and Young Adults (ages 14-35)

REACH is a program providing quality, dynamic religious education to high school parishioners in
the Catholic Diocese of Evansville.  REACH is a deanery wide religious education program
designed to run in a weekend format and be open to all high school parishioners.

Areas of prayer, study, and discussion for the weekends are:  Principles of Morality, Jesus and the
Gospels, Church History, Sacraments, Old Testament, Christian Life Styles, Liturgy, Prayer and
Catholic Tradition, Acts of the Apostles, Social Justice, Heroes and Heroines of Christian
Traditions, What We Believe (Nicene Creed), and Major World Religions.

High school parishioners gather for REACH religious education three weekends a year. 
The sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays.  There is also an opportunity for a
summer pilgrimage for participants.

Youth Days are open to all high school aged youth. There is one in the Fall and one in the Winter.
Keynote speakers, games, Mass, and dance are a part of the day's events.

There are three campus ministers in the Diocese of Evansville: University of Southern Indiana
(812)-464-1871 , University of Evansville (812)-477-6446, and Vincennes University
(812)-888-4572.  College students are encouraged to contact one of these campus ministers
to remain bonded to the Church and the practice of the faith.

Approved Movements Within The Diocese Of Evansville

Boy Scout Youth Ministry under Catholic Auspices
  Religious Emblems for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Crews
  Annual Cub Scout Faith Day, Boy Scout Retreat, Venture Retreat, and Vocations Day
   for Older Scouts

Girl Scout Youth Ministry under Catholic Auspices
  Religious Emblems for Daisies, Brownies, Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors
  Annual Girl Scout Faith Day, Girl Scout Retreat, and Vocations Day

Source and Summit Retreat
  This is for 7th and 8th graders and older adolescents.  It is a weekend retreat experience
   of prayer, adoration, singing, listening to talks, and sharing with other youth.

Southwestern Indiana Teens Encounter Christ
  Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) is a three day retreat experience for teens age 17 - 22. 
   The focal point of the TEC weekend is the death, resurrection, and mission of Jesus Christ
   through the Paschal Mystery.

Communion and Liberation
  The Fraternity of Communion and Liberation is an Ecclesial Association of Pontifical Right
   recognized by Decree of the Pontifical Council of the Laity on February 11, 1982.  It is
   designed for young adults age 18-35. Sessions are designed for those who are searching and
   struggling with the faith, as well as for those who have had an encounter experience with

Other services provided:

  Professional Youth Minister Round tables meet the first Thursday of the month at the Catholic
   Center for lunch and sharing.
  Consultative Services for Parishes: a six to 12 month consultative process for parish leaders.
  Professional and Volunteer Development: on-going workshops for professional and
   volunteer youth ministers.
  National Catholic Youth Conference attendance coordinated through the Office for Youth and
   Young Adult Formation.
  Altar Servers' Days: Parish Altar Servers' Groups can attend a half day of Altar Server Formation
   and a half day of fun at Holiday World. Sessions are the first two full weeks of June.
  Discount Tickets are available through the end of the summer for Holiday World.
  Otters Group Rates: Contact the Evansville Otters Group Sales Office at: 812-435-8686
   or visit their web site at

  Kings Island Group Discount Tickets available each summer.

For more information call or write:
The Catholic Center
Office of Catechesis, Diocese of Evansville
Office for Youth and Young Adult Formation
4200 N. Kentucky Ave., P.O. Box 4169
Evansville, IN   47724-0169
Phone: 812-424-5536
Fax: 812-421-1334

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