Who is a Spiritual Companion?

Have you ever experienced the graced moment or hour when someone gave you undivided attention,
listened to a segment of your life journey, or held in respect a special prayer experience which you
shared with them? This is a description of a spiritual companion.  In the Christian tradition, the
desert fathers and mothers were there to support another's desire to grow in their relationship
with God and others. Today, we are seeing a renewed interest in this kind of companionship among
men and women who want to deepen their faith life.

Who are these people in our lives?  Perhaps a pastor, pastoral life coordinator, pastoral associate,
a catechetical leader, or a staff member in a parish is called upon to be in this role.

Others may be a sponsor for a catechumen or a confirmation candidate, a parent, a catechist. 
Some hairdressers and bartenders find themselves in this role.

Parish secretaries, chairpersons of parish organizations, and facilitators of small study, faith
sharing, or scripture study groups sometimes find themselves in this role.

Building Blocks for Spiritual Companioning
Spiritual Companioning Sessions Offer Guidance!

This program will help spiritual companions develop skills to be with others in a caring, compassionate,
and appropriate way.

These sessions are for those who find themselves listening to other people share stories of their
life journey.  They are a collaborative effort of: Office of Catechesis, Diocese of Evansville,
Kordes Retreat Center, Ferdinand, Indiana, and Monastery Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand,

Session Descriptions

Pastoral Communication
This module will focus on the skills needed to be an effective listener, including communication in
various ministerial roles, cultural patterns, recognition of appropriate boundaries, and verbal
and non-verbal patterns.

Awareness of Our Own Spirituality

This module will help the participant get in touch with his/her own spiritual journey with its
movements and growing edges.

Journey of Faith, Part 1
This module focuses on the stages of faith development and the tools to help one in the
spiritual growth journey.

Journey of Faith, Part 2
(See Part 1 description)

Prayer Life, Part 1
This module focuses on the various prayer styles and spiritualities.  Some of the great spiritual
writers on prayer will be studied.  Experience of various prayer styles are part of this module.

Prayer Life, Part 2
(See Part 1 description)

Ethics in Ministry
This module focuses on issues of appropriate ministerial relationships - confidentiality, power,
boundaries, and conscience-formation. Participants will learn about the code of ethics
used in various vocations.

Losses - Grief  in  Relationships: Divorce/Remarriage, Abortion
This module focuses on the stages of death and dying and recognition of these stages  in many life
situations.  Various ways in which people  express emotions during these transition times is explored. 
An emphasis is placed on how to be with those who are experiencing loss and grief.

Anger, Depression, Crisis Intervention
This module focuses on the emotion of anger, ways of managing anger, recognizing various levels of
depression, knowing when to refer to other professionals, and developing skills and processes
to deal with crisis intervention.

Healthy Sexuality, Addictions,Fundamentalism
This module focuses on the traits of healthy sexuality and non-addictive behavior, how to
recognize unhealthy behavior in these areas, and suggestions on how to walk with someone desiring
conversion.  One day is given to the study of fundamentalism, exploring its characteristics to
better understand this position.

** Prerequisites must be taken before other sessions for those who have no previous training
    or experience in spiritual companioning or spiritual direction.

For more information call or write:
The Catholic Center
Office of Catechesis, Diocese of Evansville
4200 N. Kentucky Ave., P.O. Box 4169
 Evansville, IN   47724-0169
Phone: 812-424-5536
Fax: 812-421-1334

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