Candidates shall participate in a screening process to determine their academic potential and/or achievement, their pastoral awareness, their formational needs, and the suitability of their emotional and physical health needed to fulfill the requirements and demands of the role of Pastoral Life Coordinator as outlined in the role description.


        LEVEL ONE

Candidates are to send the following information to the Personnel Board, ATTN: Pastoral Life Coordinator Screening Committee:

          An Application, including:

1.         educational records with official transcripts

2.         history of employment record (form supplied)

3.         three references - pastor, personal, professional-(forms supplied)

4.         a letter from the spouse of a married candidate

5.         a letter from the religious superior of a religious candidate

6.         physician's report (choice of applicant)


          Sacramental Records (all, including marriage, divorce, annulment, if applicable).

          A Brief Autobiography

                                  Evidence of on-going personal and spiritual formation

          Completion of academic and professional requirements as outlined in ministry role description

          Criminal Background Check


        LEVEL TWO

When all documents listed in Level One have been received, the candidates proceed to the following:

          Behavorial Assessment Interview (given locally)

          Initial interview with the Pastoral Life Coordinator Screening Committee



When candidates demonstrate effective competencies and confidence in the interview, on-going spiritual formation and academic learning, the following step is taken:

          Psychological assessment of final applicants. (Arrangements for the assessment are made through the Pastoral Life Coordinator Screening Committee.  Results are received by the Bishop and the Personnel Director.  Assessment fees will be paid by the Diocese.)


        LEVEL FOUR

After successfully completing all the above:


          candidates will be advised of successful completion.

          candidates are placed in a "pool" of potential Pastoral Life Coordinators. 


Successfully completing the application and interview process, and being placed in the "pool" of candidates does not guarantee an appointment as a Pastoral Life Coordinator.




Pastoral Life Coordinators




The screening/certification process will be under the direction of this committee commissioned by the Bishop and coordinated by the Personnel Director.   The process of screening candidates should determine the candidate's eligibility and qualifications directed by the Diocese of Evansville. 




The Screening/Certification Committee is to:

          assess the potential candidates according to the guidelines described for the Catholic Diocese of Evansville.       

          establish a recommended "pool" of candidates.

          recommend suitability for particular characteristics of a parish.




The members of the Screening/Certification Committee whose task it is to establish a "pool" of candidates shall include:

          the Personnel Director (ex officio)

          the Director of the Office for Adult Formation (ex officio)

          one lay woman with experience in Human Resources

          one lay man with experience in Human Resources

          a permanent deacon

          a member of a religious order

          a Pastoral Life Coordinator



Ideally, the composition of this Screening/Certification Committee shall include people who together have these qualifications:


          active or substantial past experience in pastoral ministry.

          some competency in educational assessment.

          some competency serving in the human resource profession.